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Paradise Hills CA Locksmith Store Paradise Hills, CA 619-798-4340It is mandatory for commercial spaces to have emergency exits installed for fast escape in the event of an emergency. Push bars, also referred to as panic bars are pseudo locks that allow the exits to be opened easily from the inside, but not from outside. At Paradise Hills CA Locksmith Store, we have helped several businesses install push bar systems in their offices. Our highly trained and well-experienced locksmiths are well aware of the security mandates and can help you to meet the security requirements in your structure.

We also offer the entire spectrum of locksmith services including lock repair, replacements, maintenance, key replacement, and help with residential, commercial and vehicular lockouts. No matter where you live in area, all you need to do is just call us and we will be at your doorstep with our vans. Whether you want to check out our products or want our services to fix any locksmith issue, we can do everything.

How do push bars work?

Push bars are available in a wide array of sizes and shapes. They comprise a vertically or horizontally spring-loaded mechanism that is activated when pushed to open the door from inside. During emergency exit, people just have to press down on the bar and open the door.

Which push bars should you get?

The type of push bars you require will depend on your office structure. Certain factors that you need to consider includes building safety codes, the number of emergency exits, occupancy, the number of levels, location of exits, and your budget. If you are not sure of the right ones to use, our locksmiths can offer a free security consultation. They will check the emergency exit doors to suggest the ones that will suit your business the best.

Can push bars keep your door locked?

Push bars do not allow the door to be opened from outside. You can also consider installing push bars that are equipped with alarms so that in the event that a thief steals and escapes through the exit doors, he is caught. The alarm will sound if someone tampers with it.

We can install new push bars 24/7

Looking to install new push bars or get the older ones repaired or upgraded? We can do it for you. Our techmasters are available 24/7 to help you handle any kind of emergency.

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