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Not many people know the myriad benefits of rekeying locks. This often comes across as the best way to enhance security in your property when replacement of the locks may be beyond your budget. At Paradise Hills CA Locksmith Store, we provide effective re-key locks solutions at a reasonable price.

What does the rekey procedure involve?

Paradise Hills CA Locksmith Store Paradise Hills, CA 619-798-4340So what exactly is rekeying? It is a technique that involves changing the internal combinations of a lock. Our experts in area replace the tumbler system inside the lock with a new one. Your lock can thus no longer be opened with the old keys. You would need new keys to open the rekeyed lock. Your rekeyed lock is as effective as a new one and comes at a much lesser cost than the latter.

We also remove master key pins that may be installed in your lock so that it totally restricts entry to your property to you and the people whom you want to have access. Re-key locks to ensure a foolproof way to safeguard your property.

When should you re-key locks?

Some common scenarios where lock rekeying is recommended:

  • Moving to a new property: If you have moved into a new house, it is imperative that you rekey locks. You never know who had access to your property and you wouldn’t want anyone to enter your house without your permission. Rekeying your locks will give you the assurance that only you and your close ones have access to your house.
  • You’re renting out to someone new: Just evicted a tenant? Rekey your locks as soon as possible. What if the ex-tenant wants to retaliate by attacking your property? Rekeying your locks ensures that you are safe from harm.
  • After divorce/fall outs: Fell out with your partner or an employee? Rekeying your locks will prevent them from entering your house without your permission.
  • You’ve lost your keys: You never know who may find your lost keys and use them without your knowledge. Get your locks rekeyed to be on the safe side.

Free consultations

While rekeying is a great alternative, not all locks are suitable for the rekeying procedure. There are locks that need to be replaced entirely. You can call our experts for a free consultation; they will check the locks and let you know if they should be rekeyed or replaced.

Looking to replace or re-key locks? Call us at 619-798-4340 for the best services in Paradise Hills.